Our Full Truck Menu

**On weekends we’ll have 4 different food items that my mom will make. We will also add specials throughout the season - please check our social media**

Crab Rangoon Nachos
Freshly fried wonton chips smothered in a special blend of melted cheeses and crab. Topped with fresh jalapeños, scallions, and sweet siracha.
Korean Nachos
Fried wonton chips topped with pork bulgogi, pickled kimchi, and gochujang crema. Finished with scallions and sesame seeds.
Chicken Panang
Boneless chicken and potatoes simmered in a Thai style spicy coconut curry sauce. Served with white rice
Fried Spring Rolls
Six pieces of lightly fried, crispy Spring rolls filled with veggies and clear noodles. Served with sweet chili dipping sauce. Vegan Friendly.
Buffalo Bill
Buffalo chicken eggroll stuffed with shredded chicken, Frank’s red hot, and a special blend of cheeses. Your choice of ranch or blue cheese as a dipping sauce.
Fresh Spring Rolls
Chewy rice noodles fresh veggies and herbs are rolled in rice paper and served with a Hoisin Peanut Sauce. **Vegan Friendly** Gluten Free Dipping Sauce Option: Sweet Sriracha.
Garbage roll
A Rochester favorite – Truck-made meat hot sauce, Mac salad, tater tots, and American cheese rolled up and deep-fried! *** Award Winner in 2019***
Bubble tea
bubble tea and lemonade’s ***Add Popping Boba/Fruit Jellies for $1 Extra
*** Bubble teas are vegan friendly unless noted and *taro,Thai tea, milk tea, and Vietnamese iced […]

See us on Carnival Eats

For the Korean nachos and garbage roll we will be on Carnival Eats - people can see it on HBO, MAX, and the Cooking Channel - it’s airing live 9/8/2024 and will be on the apps by fall/winter 2024
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